Annapolis, MD – Church Circle Summer 2010

16 Aug
On one of the nicest days of the summer, ALTV filmed Church Circle in Annapolis, MD. Church Circle is one of two circles that were part of the original baroque street plan modeled after the great capitols of Europe and designed for Annapolis as determined by Royal Governor Francis Nicholson. The second circle is State Circle which contains the capitol. The centerpiece of Church Circle is St. Anne’s Episcopal church, founded in 1692. The current church is the third to grace the site with the original which was built around 1700 being razed in 1775 to make way for a new church which eventually succombed to a furnace fire which decimated most of the interior in 1858. The third and final church was built in 1858, save the steeple which was completed in 1866 due to the civil war. This is St Anne’s current church building. Also featured is Reymolds Tavern which was established in 1777 and still operates today with the Sly Fox Pub in the cellar, first floor tea rooms, dining room and lodging on the second floor consisting of two prestigious suites and one single bedroom. Additionally, there is the 44 room Maryland Inn which incorporates the 18th Century Treaty of Paris Restaurant and is where Ben Franklin and John Adams are said to have had a pint or two at the inn’s tavern. There’s even more to see and enjoy in the video.

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